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28 February 2012 @ 08:19 pm
Beneath my feet, I felt the sting; that was the earth remembering.  
Work has been psycho crazypants the last two days. People out sick, everything going wrong with things I'm supposed to be working on (not my fault, but I, by default, must fix them, explain the problem to those who can, etc). Stayed out too late last night hanging out with Wendy and Tacarra at Applebee's (it was worth it - I had a mojito and hot lava cake and tears of laughter). BUT I WAS SO EXHAUSTED TODAY. Ran errands after work, bought new jeans and sexy new shoes (for wedding con?! I hope).

Maines is good, though. Lots of paperwork lately, lots of laughter with Maggie and Tash and Jeremy and some crazy crazy boys.

Tonight's most likely my last free night until mid-March. Road trip adventures with my best friends to see another old friend this weekend and then Rhode Island and DC next weekend! Work and more week in between.

Going through TVD withdrawal already. Still have 2.5 weeks until a new episode. Haven't watched any since the last time I hung out with Wendy. Watching one right now, while I write emails and fill out cards and fold laundry and wait to watch the Duke game with my sister and father. Life is good.
Current Music: Weapons The Daylights