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30 January 2012 @ 03:06 pm
Everybody says time heals everything. But what of the wretched hollow? Just going to wait it out?  
So, let's set up this boring story that I need to tell. It'll tell you about my weekend in the process.

On Friday, Wendy came over for more TVD marathon fun. We watched for hours and hours, made dinner in the middle, made excellent tea at the end, etc. We got up and made blueberry pancakes for my family and laughed at the table with them.

Wendy is a nursing major, so she had some work to do while I got ready for the day. She's looking through stuff and talking to herself and says, "this would be so much easier on notecards." So I pull out the insane number of 3x5 cards I still have from high school.

On one of these notecards from, literally, 6-7 years ago, I found quotes I had written from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books. Just three small notecards, with quotes that meant something to me at the time. I read them and realized…it's insane how little has changed.

Here they are:

It wasn't the suffering she willfully clung to. It was the precious stuff. But the precious stuff attached her, irrevocably, to the pain.

What a pitiful waste she was. She was willing to give away, to throw away, the very best she had. For what? It was one thing to sacrifice yourself for a great cause. It was another to destroy yourself for a person who didn't even want you. It was an act of self-immolation, a sacrifice nobody wanted, that did nobody any good. What could be more tragic than that?

She thought she was independent and strong, but she got one small taste of love and she was hungrier than anyone. She was ravenous.

They're all from Lena's story, but I'm not sure which book in the series. It was really intriguing and unsettling to have the feelings of teenage me still resonate with adult me.
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